Welcome to Vail

Filled with promise and adventure! A small town with a rich history, culture and expansive views of the beautiful Sonoran Desert. A growing community actively expanding its economic landscape while promising to preserve the natural surrounding environment. The rural lifestyle and Vail’s pristine natural desert attracts people from all over the world, including professionals, families and retiree’s.



Vail is where memories are made, careers come to life and nature takes center stage.

About The Community

Vail is only a short distance south from Tucson. A gateway to the Arizona Trail, Colossal Cave, and a beautiful high desert landscape.
Enjoy the expansive views of the entire region from any part of Vail and even get a glimpse of the mountain ranges surrounding Tucson.

Vail School District shows a promising future to the students and teachers of the community. The community is continually rewarding top performers and community members with scholarships.

Seek adventure in Vails Colossal Cave Mountain Park, and take a day to explore the miraculous cave tours. Regular and ladder tours available. With so much adventure visit La Posta Quemada Ranch offering horse related activities from trail rides to miniature horse cart rides. The Arizona Trail runs through vail and is a bicyclists favorite. Take the off roads and enjoy the stunning views, active wildlife and quiet atmosphere.