Why you should adopt a new kitty when you move into your new home.

Red tabby cat

Morocco,1 year old female. Available from The Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter.

Yes, I am the crazy cat lady of the team, but hear me out on this. Nothing makes a house truly a home quite like having loved ones to share it with. Especially furry loved ones. Moving can be stressful, adopting a new cat can be stressful, but if you put both together, instead of making it worse it actually makes it better, here’s how:

Introducing a new cat to a home takes a period of time to transition; for them to learn the layout, the smells, the other animals, and people. If the home is new to everyone, we all start on the same stage, previous animals don’t have as much territory staked out yet. Its new to them too. So in their minds this new cat just came with the house, they are part of the new normal. This is way easier than moving into a new home, getting everyone settled and THEN adopting a new cat, then they have to battle in enemy territory instead of neutral territory. Here’s a good guide to introducing kitties.

Another perk is you have someone to help you cope with the stress of moving. Whether they are cuddlers that hop in your lap after a long day of moving or they are playful silly kitties that run around playing and make you laugh. It will just make the experience that much easier to get through. Not to mention you definitely have something to do with all those moving boxes, kitty condos and playgrounds! Here’s a DIY guide to repurpose those boxes for your kitty.

So please consider adopting a new kitty when you move in to your new home. There are many available at the local shelters, either from Pima Animal Care Center, or The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter. Your purrfect new housemate is waiting for you.

-Jennifer Reeve